Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali

2016年02月29日 TED, 未分類.

(You can read the transcript on the TED website.)



※具体的な実践方法にご興味がある方は、海外ドラマからTEDまで、生の教材を使った実践的英語勉強法 を読まれてみてください。


1. Plastic bags are widely used all over the world; it is even essential and necessary to us. How do you think we can lessen the usage of plastic bags? How does it affect the environment?
2. Have you tried getting rid of the usage of plastic bags? What alternatives did you use?
3. Was there an instance that you almost gave up your dream/ goal because of your age?
4. What are the other ways that you have done for the environment?