TED Lesson / Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world, Lesson5 (ジェーン・マゴニガル 「ゲームで築くより良い世界」)

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TED Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

About This Talk

Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

*There is a word list below the script. The list includes blue colored words which are in the script.

*This is the second lesson of the Jane McGonigal speech. Lesson1 is here. Lesson2 is here. Lesson3 is here. Lesson4 is here.


World of Warcraftのようなゲームはプレーヤーに世界を救う手段を与え、ヒーローの行動様式を身につけるよう動機づけます。もしこのゲーマーの力を、現実の世界の問題を解決するために使えたとしたらどうでしょう? ジェーン・マゴニガルはそれは可能だと言い、その方法を説明しています。


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Lesson5 Script (Video Time 15:01~ 19:48)

(27) Now, I know you’re asking, “How are we going to solve real world problems in games?” Well, that’s what I have devoted my work to over the past few years, at The Institute For The Future. We have this banner in our offices in Palo Alto, and it expresses our view of how we should try to relate to the future. We do not want to try to predict the future. What we want to do is make the future. We want to imagine the best-case scenario outcome, and then we want to empower people to make that outcome a reality. We want to imagine epic wins, and then give people the means to achieve the epic win.

(28) I’m just going to very briefly show you three games that I’ve made that are an attempt to give people the means to create epic wins in their own futures. So, this is World Without Oil. We made this game in 2007. This is an online game in which you try to survive an oil shortage. The oil shortage is fictional, but we put enough online content out there for you to believe that it’s real, and to live your real life as if we’ve run out of oil. So when you come to the game, you sign up, you tell us where you live, and then we give you real-time news, videos, data feeds that show you exactly how much oil costs, what’s not available, how food supply is being affected, how transportation is being affected, if schools are closed, if there is rioting, and you have to figure out how you would live your real life as if this were true. And then we ask you to blog about it, to post videos, to post photos.

(29) We piloted this game with 1,700 players in 2007, and we’ve tracked them for the three years since. And I can tell you that this is a transformative experience. Nobody wants to change how they live just because it’s good for the world, or because we’re supposed to. But if you immerse them in an epic adventure and tell them, “We’ve run out of oil. This is an amazing story and adventure for you to go on. Challenge yourself to see how you would survive,” most of our players have kept up the habits that they learned in this game.

(30) So, for the next world-saving game, we decided to aim higher: bigger problem than just peak oil. We did a game called Superstruct at The Institute For The Future. And the premise was a supercomputer has calculated that humans have only 23 years left on the planet. This supercomputer was called the Global Extinction Awareness System, of course. We asked people to come online almost like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. You know Jerry Bruckheimer movies, you form a dream team — you’ve got the astronaut, the scientist, the ex-convict, and they all have something to do to save the world. (Laughter)

(31) But in our game, instead of just having five people on the dream team, we said, “Everybody’s on the dream team, and it’s your job to invent the future of energy, the future of food, the future of health, the future of security and the future of the social safety net.” We had 8,000 people play that game for eight weeks. They came up with 500 insanely creative solutions that you can go online, if you Google “Superstruct,” and see.

(32) So, finally, the last game, we’re launching it March 3rd. This is a game done with the World Bank Institute. If you complete the game you will be certified by the World Bank Institute, as a Social Innovator, class of 2010. Working with universities all over sub-Saharan Africa, and we are inviting them to learn social innovation skills. We’ve got a graphic novel, we’ve got leveling up in skills like local insight, knowledge networking, sustainability, vision and resourcefulness. I would like to invite all of you to please share this game with young people, anywhere in the world, particularly in developing areas, who might benefit from coming together to try to start to imagine their own social enterprises to save the world.

(33) So, I’m going to wrap up now. I want to ask a question. What do you think happens next? We’ve got all these amazing gamers, we’ve got these games that are kind of pilots of what we might do, but none of them have saved the real world yet. Well I hope that you will agree with me that gamers are a human resource that we can use to do real-world work, that games are a powerful platform for change. We have all these amazing superpowers: blissful productivity, the ability to weave a tight social fabric, this feeling of urgent optimism and the desire for epic meaning.

(34) I really hope that we can come together to play games that matter, to survive on this planet for another century. And that’s my hope, that you will join me in making and playing games like this. When I look forward to the next decade, I know two things for sure: that we can make any future we can imagine, and we can play any games we want. So, I say: Let the world-changing games begin. Thank you. (Applause)


Let’s talk about the article base on the questions below.

Viewpoints or discussion

  1. Which games that were mentioned in the discussion do you want to play? World Without Oil, Superstruct, and the last one made by the World Bank Insitute.
  2. If you were given the chance to invent a game, what would it be? Explain the structure or plot of the game.
  3. After reading this TED discussion, do have any new learnings about playing games? Do you believe that playing games can save the world?



(27) banner /ˈbænə(r)/ noun, a long piece of cloth with a message on it that is carried between two poles or hung in a public place to show support for sth:

relate /rɪˈleɪt/ verb 1 [VN] ~ A (to B) show or make a connection between two or more things ◇In the future, pay increases will be related to productivity.

scenario /səˈnɑːriəʊ / noun (pl. ―os) 1 a description of how things might happen in the future:

means /miːnz/ noun (pl. means) 1 [C] ~ (of doing sth/of sth) an action, an object or a system by which a result is achieved; a way of achieving or doing sth:

(28) fictional /ˈfɪkʃənl/ adj. not real or true; existing only in stories; connected with fiction:

put sth↔ˈout, 2 to place sth where it will be noticed and used:

riot /ˈraɪət/ verb [V] (of a crowd of people) to behave in a violent way in a public place, often as a protest

(29) pilot /ˈpaɪlət/ verb, 3 to test a new product, idea, etc. with a few people or in a small area before it is introduced everywhere

track /træk/ verb ‣FOLLOW 3 to follow the progress or development of sb/sth:

transformative, adj Having power or a tendency to transform.

keep sth↔ˈup, 1 to make sth stay at a high level: 2 to continue sth at the same, usually high, level:

(30) peak oil, noun The peak of the Earth’s oil production.

superstructure /ˈsuːpəstrʌktʃə(r) / noun 1 a structure that is built on top of sth, for example the upper parts of a ship or the part of a building above the ground

premise /premɪs/ noun (formal) a statement or an idea that forms the basis for a reasonable line of argument:

extinction /ɪkˈstɪŋkʃn/ noun [U] a situation in which a plant, an animal, a way of life, etc. stops existing:

awareness /əˈweənəs/ noun [U, sing.] ~ (of sth)| ~ (that … ) knowing sth; knowing that sth exists and is important; being interested in sth:

form /fᴐːm / verb ‣ORGANIZATION 7 to start a group of people, such as an organization, a committee, etc.; to come together in a group of this kind:

convict noun /ˈkɒnvɪkt/ a person who has been found guilty of a crime and sent to prison:

(31) insane /ɪnˈseɪn/ adj. 1 seriously mentally ill and unable to live in normal society:

(32) institute /ˈɪnstɪtjuːt/ noun, an organization that has a particular purpose, especially one that is connected with education or a particular profession; the building used by this organization:

certify /ˈsᴈːtɪfaɪ/ verb 2 [VN] [usually passive] ~ sb (as sth), to give sb an official document proving that they are qualified to work in a particular profession

innovate /ˈɪnəveɪt/ verb, to introduce new things, ideas, or ways of doing sth

sub―Saharan /ˌsʌb səˈhɑːrən/ adj. [only before noun] from or relating to areas in Africa that are south of the Sahara Desert:

insight /ˈɪnsaɪt/ noun 1 [U] (approving) the ability to see and understand the truth about people or situations:

sustainable /səˈsteɪnəbl/ adj. 1 involving the use of natural products and energy in a way that does not harm the environment: 2 that can continue or be continued for a long time:

resourceful /rɪˈsᴐːsfl / adj. (approving) good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems, etc.

benefit /ˈbenɪfɪt/ verb 2 [V] ~ (from/by sth), to be in a better position because of sth:

enterprise /ˈentəpraɪz / noun 1 [C] a company or business: 2 [C] a large project, especially one that is difficult

(33) wrap sth↔ˈup, (informal) to complete sth such as an agreement or a meeting in an acceptable way:


(27) 「どうやって現実の世界の問題を ゲームで解決するんだ?」と思われるでしょう それこそ 私がこの数年来 インスティテュート フォー ザ フューチャーで 取り組んできたことです パロアルトにある私たちのオフィスには このような横断幕があり 私たちの未来との関わり方を訴えています 私たちは未来を予測したいのではなく 未来を生み出したいのです 最良のシナリオを思い描き それが現実になるよう 人々を力づけるのです 私たちはエピックウィンを想像し 人々にそのエピックウィンを達成する手立てを与えたい

(28) 人々が自分の未来に エピックウィンを生み出す手段を与える試みとして作った 3つのゲームをご紹介します これはWorld Without Oil (石油のない世界)です 2007年に作りました 石油不足を生き抜く オンラインゲームです 石油不足は架空のものですが それが本当だと信じられるだけ たくさんのオンラインコンテンツを 提供しています そして石油がなくなったかのように 現実に生活をするのです このゲームではまず どこに住んでいるかを登録します それからリアルタイムのニュースビデオで 様々なことを伝えられます 石油の値段がいくらかとか 何が手に入らなくなったとか 食糧や輸送機関にどう影響が出たとか 学校が閉鎖されたとか 暴動が起きたとか プレーヤーはそれが本当であるかのように 生き方を 考え出す必要があり そのことをブログに書いたり ビデオや写真で投稿します

(29) 2007年に1,700人のプレーヤーを相手に試行し 3年間彼らを追跡しました これは変化を起こす体験であると言うことができます 世の中のために良いから そうすることになっているから といった理由で生活を変えたいと思う人はいません しかし壮大な冒険に浸っていると 「石油がなくなった」ということが ものすごい冒険の物語に変わるのです どう生き残れるか自分で挑戦するのです 多くのプレーヤーたちが ゲームから学んだ習慣をずっと維持しています

(30) 次の世界を救うゲームでは 石油危機よりももっと高度で大きな問題に狙いを定めました インスティテュート フォー ザ フューチャーの Superstructというゲームです 地球上の人類にはあと23年しか残されていないと スーパーコンピュータが算出したという設定です そのスーパーコンピュータの名は 「地球危機認識システム」 ちょうどブラッカイマーの映画みたいに 私たちは 人々を募りました ジェリー ブラッカイマーの映画はご存じでしょう 宇宙飛行士や科学者や元犯罪者が ドリームチームを結成し 世界を救う役割を担うというやつです (笑)

(31) 私たちの場合ドリームチームは5人だけではなく 全員がドリームチームであり 未来のエネルギー 未来の食料 未来の医療 未来の治安 未来のセーフティネットを考え出します 8,000人が8週間に渡り このゲームをし とてもクリエイティブな解決策を500通りも考え出しました “Superstruct”で検索してみてください

(32) 最後は 最新のゲームEvokeで 3月3日にローンチします 世界銀行研究所と一緒に作りました このゲームを完了すると 世界銀行研究所から ソーシャル イノベーター 2010の 認定がもらえます サハラ以南アフリカの多くの大学と連携し ソーシャルイノベーションのスキルを学ぶように招いています コミックも用意しています 現場での洞察、 知識ネットワーク、サステナビリティ、ビジョン、機知といった スキルをレベルアップしていきます みなさんにこのゲームを 世界中の若い人達に とくに発展途上地域の人々に広めてほしいのです 世界を救う自分の社会事業に このゲームで取り組むことによって 多くのことを学べるはずです

(33) まとめに入りましょう 問いたいことが1つがあります 次に起きることは 一体何でしょう? たくさんのものすごいゲーマー達がいて 未来を試行するようなゲームがありますが どれもまだ現実の世界を救ってはいません ゲーマー達は現実の仕事に使える 人的リソースであり ゲームは変化のための強力なプラットフォームだということは 同意していただけると思います この驚くべきスーパーパワーがあるのです 生産的至福状態 縦横のネットワークを築く能力 楽観的即行 壮大な意義への希求

(34) みんな集まって意義のあるゲームをし これからの100年を地球で生き抜けるよう願っています このようなゲームを作り 遊ぶことへ みなさんに参加していただくのが私の望みです 次の10年を見つめたとき 2つのことが確かにわかります 私たちは想像できるどんな未来でも作ることができ やりたいどんなゲームだってできるということです 世界を変えるゲームを始めましょう どうもありがとうございました (拍手)

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