Suki Kim: This is what it’s like to teach in North Korea

2015年08月11日 education, TED, 未分類.


(You can read the transcript on the TED website.)



※具体的な実践方法にご興味がある方は、海外ドラマからTEDまで、生の教材を使った実践的英語勉強法 を読まれてみてください。

◆Viewpoints and Discussion
1. Which part in the video are you interested with?
2. Do you have any idea about North Korea? If yes, kindly share your ideas.
3. Which do you think is better for young people in North Korea to lead a revolution or to have a solemn and peaceful life?
4. Could you share any idea that you know about the different lives of people in different area of the world.