★★☆Mortgage and Other ‘Death’ Words (Special Dialogue)

2015年08月12日 ★★☆, VOA, Words and Their Stories.

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  1. thriller/ˈθrɪlɚ/(n)
  2. a novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot, often involving crime or spies

  3. double-date /ˈdʌbəl ˈdeɪt/ (v.)
  4. a social event in which two people interested in each other go out with another couple; v. to take part in a double date

  5. because you just can’t make this stuff up (expression/joke)
  6. a common expression when the truth is stranger and more interesting than make-believe


    Mortgage and Other ‘Death’ Words

    Special Dialogue!

    Now let’s hear how these “death” words are actually used. Here’s the set-up: two friends meet at an outdoor cafe to talk about their plans for the evening. But one friend just can’t stop talking about death!

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    A: I have big news.

    B: Joe asked you to marry him?

    A: No! And don’t joke like that in front of him when we go out tonight. He would be mortified!

    B: Oh, nobody has ever died from embarrassment. Ha … mortified … that’s kind of funny you used that word.

    A: Why?

    B: Well, his father is a mortician. You know — a person who takes care of dead bodies.

    A: I know what a mortician does. I just don’t want to talk about it over coffee.

    B: What if his father wants him to go into the family business? You’ll have to talk about death and bodies and mortality all the time.

    A: You say the worst things.

    B: You know, being married to a mortician won’t be that bad. Morticians make good money. You two won’t have any trouble paying your “death pledge.”

    A: Our what?

    B: Death pledge. You know…a mortgage on a house.

    A: Alright, that’s it. I’m changing the subject. What movie do you want to see tonight?

    B: Hmm … let’s go see that new thriller, Mortuary. It’s about a family who moves into an old funeral home. The building is supposed to be haunted with evil spirits.

    A: That’s it! I’m choosing the movie. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t tell you earlier because I was afraid you’d say “no,” but…

    B: But what?

    A: Well, tonight is a double-date. I invited Joe’s brother to be your date.

    B: Is he nice?

    A: Oh, yeah! He’s nice and tall. You two have a lot in common. He likes to make jokes, too.

    B: What’s his name?

    A: Morty.

    B: Because you just can’t make this stuff up. As they say, “truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.”


    *Let’s talk about the article base on the questions below

    1. Do you have a mortgage on your home? How can people acquire houses in your country?
    2. Have you even felt mortified? Please share your experience.
    3. Do you think about your mortality? What are the things that you do to live longer and healthier?
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