★★☆Maria Sharapova May Get a Second Chance
★★☆China Launches New Anti-Spying Campaign
★★☆If You Did Not Get into Harvard, Do Not Worry
★★☆Survivors Sought After Ecuador, Japan Quakes
★★☆Nigerian-American Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools
★★☆Do You Speak English Better than US Candidates?
★★☆Instagram Launches 60-Second Videos
★★☆Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure
★★☆Want to Lose Weight? Listen to Yourself Eat
★★☆Please Don’t Boycott Us!
★★☆New Drones Could Improve Weather Predictions
★★☆Apple Announces the Return of a Smaller iPhone
★★☆Mummies Contain Clues to Colon Cancer
★★☆Palestinian Wins Teaching Prize and $1 Million
★★☆★★★Expressions from Alice in Wonderland
★★☆When March 14 Circles Around, It’s Pi Day
★★☆Happy National Napping Day!
★★☆Social Media Is Keeping Young Adults Awake
★★☆Blood Cancer Therapy Is Last Chance for Some
★★☆Facebook Reactions Much More Than a Like
★★☆National Grammar Day Is Here!
★★☆Copper Metal Kills Viruses on Contact
★★☆Saudi Arabian Women’s Sports Break Stereotypes
★★☆Earthquake Survivors Found in Building in Taiwan
★★☆Trending Today: Puppy Bowl
★★☆Person Infected With Zika Virus Through Sexual Contact
★★☆Trending Today: Barbie Reimagined
★★☆Do You Know This Blizzard of Winter Words?
★★☆Roman Toilets Offered No Clear Health Benefits
★★☆Is There a Ninth Planet in Our Solar System?
★★☆Life in the Fast Lane
★★☆Best Tool to Teach Baby Talk? Their Parents’ Voice
★★☆Conflict Puts 24 Million Children Out of School
★★☆New US Food Advice Not to Everyone’s Taste
★★☆Sierra Leone Investigates Foreign Waste Agreement
★★☆Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty!
★★☆Netflix Expands to 190 Countries
★★☆Mucus: Your Friend Against Bacteria
★★☆What Is Your Achilles’ Heel?
★★☆Study: Men Who Do Housework Have More Sex
★★☆‘Force Awakens’ at Star Wars Premiere in Hollywood
★★☆Study: Humans Sleep Less, Better Than Other Animals
★★☆Saudi Arabia Announces New Islamic Military Alliance
★★☆One School, Five Languages
★★☆Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital
★★☆Deaths, Damage As Storm Hits Great Britain
★★☆‘Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!’
★★☆After Years on Death Row, Freed Man Helps Others
★★☆In Japanese, Onigiri Means Love and Comfort
★★☆Bless You!
★★☆Korea Celebrates Kimchi-Making Tradition
★★☆Mealworms Can Eat Plastic Waste
★★☆Slurp Your Soup, Yes! Share Your Sticks, No! Japanese Dining Rules
★★☆When Things Go Very, Very Wrong
★★☆Moroccan-Belgian Named Leader of Paris Attack
★★☆Worms and Snakes: Animals We Love to Hate
★★☆Banana Protein May Be Virus Killer
★★☆Angry Men Win Friends and Influence While Angry Women Lose
★★☆WHO: Bacon, Hot Dogs Can Cause Cancer
★★☆What Makes Beauty So Appealing?
★★☆Besties, Buds, BFFs … Friends!
★★☆‘Back to the Future’ Celebrates 30 Years
★★☆Skilled Refugees Can Help Lift Aging Europe
★★☆Tunisians Win Nobel Peace Prize
★★☆California Dogs Riding The Waves
★★☆Russian-Made Missile Destroyed Flight MH17
★★☆Kampai! Japan Brings Sake and Sushi to Washington
★★☆Japanese Rock Band Goes English
★★☆Korean Families Torn by Border, Heart
★★☆Phone Apps Help Stop Counterfeiters in Kenya
★★☆More than 700 Crushed to Death Near Mecca
★★☆Low Levels of Vitamin D Might Hurt Your Brain
★★☆Saving the Honeybees, One Hive at a Time
★★☆Magical Invisibility Cloak Soon to Be Real
★★☆Living in a Shipping Container
★★☆EU Meets As Europe Tightens Borders on Refugees
★★☆A Dog’s Sniffer Could Be Your Best Friend in Disaster
★★☆China Debates Egg-Freezing Ban for Single Women
★★☆Millions with Mental Illness Get Little or No Treatment
★★☆US Company Developing Space-Based Plane Tracking
★★☆Futuristic Transport System Moves Closer to Reality
★★☆Economic Growth in Asia Threatens Environment
★★☆Thailand Promises to Find Bangkok Bombers
★★☆A Candidate’s Voice May Affect How We Vote
★★☆104 Dead in Chinese Port of Tianjin, Evacuation Ordered
★★☆Scientists Aim to Freeze DNA Before Creatures Die Off
★★☆Health Agreement Asks Chinese People to Help Strangers
★★☆Thai Treat is a Sweet Bite of History
★★☆Study Shows How Poverty Could Limit Learning
★★☆Why Do Mosquitoes Choose to Bite You?
★★☆Bus Brings Meals to Hungry Children During Summer Break
★★☆Activists: Greece Not the Only Nation Facing Debt Crisis
★★☆Malala: Invest in Books, Not Bullets
★★☆Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy
★★☆OK, Okay, Okey-Dokey Are A-Okay
★★☆US Spacecraft Flies by Pluto After Nine-Year Trip
★★☆Personal Flying Vehicles Close to Reality
★★☆What Is That Thing Called?
★★☆Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down
★★☆WHO Warns Against Unnecessary Caesarean Sections
★★☆Swift Change to Apple Streaming Policy
★★☆Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes
★★☆Celebrating Fathers!
★★☆Scientists Developing Technology to Recreate Crime Scenes
★★☆Students in Cambodia Want to Learn English
★★☆Jeb Bush Enters US Presidential Campaign
★★☆Let the Sun Shine In
★★☆Woman Turns Her Nightmare into a Dream for Others
★★☆Extreme Heat in India Kills Over 1100
★★☆Japan’s Past Threatens Chances for World Heritage Site
★★☆Google Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets
★★☆Hold Your Horses!
★★☆Limited Mental Health Services Being Offered in Cambodia
★★☆Bugs Are the New Food
★★☆19-Year-Old Is Youngest Mayor in Maryland History
★★☆Amazon Receives Patent for Drone Delivery System
★★☆Common French Words in American English
★★☆Change in Work Schedule Could Cure ‘Social Jet Lag’
★★☆India Plans to Build 100 ‘Smart’ Cities
★★☆TIME Lists World’s 100 Most Influential People
★★☆World Reaches Out to Nepal After Deadly Earthquake
★★☆Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees
★★☆One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music
★★☆100-Year-Old Japanese Woman Sets Swimming Record
★★☆Where Have All the Bees Gone?
★★☆Your Body Posture Can Change Your Brain
★★☆How to Raise a Reader
★★☆American Expressions in the Home
★★☆Don’t Panic!
★★☆‘Beware the Ides of March’
★★☆Understanding the Misunderstood Teenage Brain
★★☆Thailand Hoping for More Chinese Visitors
★★☆‘Fifty Shades of Grey:’ Big Audiences, Bad Reviews
★★☆Top Brass
★★☆A New Camera Records Invisible Motion
★★☆Old Machines Make Modern Products
★★☆Is Your Plan Sustainable?
★★☆Taiwan Changes Entrance Exams to Promote Innovation
★★☆Future Doctors Write, Edit for Wikipedia
★★☆Can Smartphones Send Tastes, Smells, Touch Someday?
★★☆Hostage Crisis Could Divide Japan over Military Plan
★★☆Singapore Film Ban Raises Free Speech Issue
★★☆Vietnamese Officials Worried about Political Blog
★★☆Let’s Do Business!
★★☆Lee Hotz: Inside an Antarctic time machine
★★☆Study Shows Climate Change Is Affecting Bird Migration
★★☆Zimbabwean Government on Trial Over Marriage Age for Girls
★★☆Has Fate Brought Us Together?
★★☆New Camera Takes Billions of Pictures Every Second
★★☆New Artificial Skin Feels Like Real Skin
★★☆I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
★★☆Shinzo Abe’s Victory Likely Raises Conflict with Neighbors
★★☆Plastic Bags: To Ban or Not to Ban?
★★☆Tiny Needles Treat Eye Disease
★★☆Is He Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Pelznickel?
★★☆Egypt’s Increase in Visitors Not Enough
★★☆Indoor Pollution Kills Millions Each Year
★★☆South Korean Students Stressed Over College Entrance Exam
★★☆Salt Is More Than a Four-Letter Word
★★☆Women’s Football Team a Sign of Change in Afghanistan
★★☆African Union Promises to End Child Marriage
★★☆What’s the Matter?
★★☆Cambodian Opposition Criticize Dependence on Chinese Aid
★★☆Filipino Fishermen Turn to Fiberglass for New Boats
★★☆With Bonerama, Three Trombones Lead the Big Parade
★★☆Lincoln’s Words at Gettysburg Still Have Meaning
★★☆Surgery Safaris: Looking for the Perfect Body
★★☆South Korea Attempting to Reuse More E-Waste
★★☆Need a Ride? Share a Bike
★★☆Words and Their Stories: Boxing Expressions
★★☆Halloween Is Big with Kids and Business
★★☆Home of Last Comanche Chief Close to Ruins
★★☆Scientists Create New Maps of Ocean Floor
★★☆Birds and Their Stories
★★☆Hope, Expectation for New Indonesian Leader
★★☆Will Hong Kong Unrest Affect Politics in Taiwan?
★★☆Researchers Work on 3-D Printing of Living Tissue
★★☆How to Weather a Solar Storm
★★☆Senegal Uses Technology to Teach Reading
★★☆Hey, I’m Workin’ for Chickenfeed Here!
★★☆Deforestation Is a Threat to the Amazon
★★☆Experts: Population to Grow from 7 to 11 Billion
★★☆Scientists Discover Secrets of Coffee
★★☆Australia Links Aboriginal Aid to School Attendance
★★☆Turning Cigarette Butts to Batteries
★★☆Amy Webb/ How I hacked online dating(エイミー・ウェブ 私がオンラインデートを攻略した方法)
★★☆Rwanda Opens Biggest Solar Power Plant in East Africa
★★☆Earth’s Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Recovery
★★☆Sit Less, Live Longer
★★☆Can ‘Boot Camp’ Cure Internet Addiction?
★★☆TED Lesson Manu Prakash/ A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami (マヌ・プラカシュ ”紙を折るだけ―50セントでできる「折り紙顕微鏡」)”
★★☆Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in Southeast Asia
★★☆Is North Korea Preparing to Strike US Electric Grid?
★★☆Diners Increase Business with Healthy Food
★★☆Learning to Grow Traditional Foods in Uganda
★★☆Are We Really Just Monkeys?
★★☆Tobacco Plant to Make Jet Fuel
★★☆Scientists Trying to Do Away With Passwords
★★☆How Does One Find a Meteorite?
★★☆Brain Imaging Improves Treatment for Depression
★★☆Marijuana Helps Children with Epilepsy
★★☆Conversations Find Lost Memories
★★☆NASA: Close to Discovering Life in Outer Space
★★☆Malaysian Airliner Shot Down by Missile in Ukraine
★★☆Thailand to Return Myanmar Refugees
★★☆3-D Technology Saves Lives
★★☆Plastics Blamed for Harm to Sea Environment
★★☆Brazil Football Museum Attracts Passionate Fans
★★☆Bill Gates: Philanthropy Needs New Ideas
★★☆Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
★★☆North Korea for Your Next Vacation?
★★☆How Ants Survive and Choose Their Leader
★★☆Natural Disasters Require Special Building Design
★★☆WHO: Alcohol Can Kill
★★☆World Cup Fever in New York City
★★☆California Firefighters Ready for Severe Fire Season
★★☆Electric Shocks, Not Drugs, Help A Brain Disease
★★☆Hillary Clinton Releases New Book
★★☆Obama Joins Head Injury Debate
★★☆Could This Be the Fountain of Youth for Mice and Men?
★★☆Chinese Worker Killed in Vietnam Protest
★★☆E-Cigarettes Safer, But Not Risk Free
★★☆Can You Erase Information on the Internet?
★★☆Why is the Antarctic cooling?
★★☆Nigeria Welcomes Help in Search for Kidnapped Students
★★☆MERS Virus Spreads Outside Middle East
★★☆Security Concerns Raised on Obama’s Asian Trip
★★☆Vietnam Says No to Asian Games
★★☆Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
★★☆China and US Seek Closer Military Ties, But Differences Remain
★★☆International Space Station Puts on a Saturday Night Show
★★☆Two Powerful Earthquakes Strike Chile
★★☆Working to Fight Climate Change
★★☆UN Diplomat Says Syria Talks to Continue Saturday
★★☆How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who Is Sick
★★☆First Aid May Save Lives
★★☆Crocodile Attacks Increase
★★☆Science in the News – Aspirin
★★☆Have a headache? You are not alone.
★★☆Afghan Fashion Designer Creates Dresses, Jobs
★★☆School Lunch Important for Health and Education
★★☆Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
★★☆Wrestling May Still Be an Olympic Sport
★★☆A Call for Citizen Scientists to Help Map CO2 Gas
★★☆International Survey Shows Habits of Happy Couples
★★☆New Study Predicts Huge Species Loss from Climate Change
★★☆Pollution Forces Residents from California Town
★★☆Breathing Easier: How to Control Asthma
★★☆‘Play Lady’ Calls for Old-Fashioned Play
★★☆チャーリー・トッド:バカバカしさの共有体験 Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity
★★☆Angelina Jolie Removes Breasts to Prevent Cancer
★★☆Air Pollution Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease
★★☆City Gardens Provide Food and Income
★★☆シェリル・サンドバーグ:何故女性のリーダーは少ないのか Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders
★★☆アドーラ・スヴィタク 「大人は子供から何を学べるか」Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids
★★☆Search for Boston Bombers
★★☆Tensions High on Korean Peninsula
★★☆Same-Sex Marriage Faced a Serious Test this Week in the United States
★★☆Malawi Hospital Expands Use of Electronic Records
★★☆American Lawmakers Concerned about Cyber Attacks
★★☆キャンディ・チャン 「死ぬ前にしたいこと」 Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…
★★☆Words and Their Stories: It Will Not Wash
★★☆Pope Francis Represents Firsts for Catholics
★★☆China Develops Its Drone Industry
★★☆What Is the Relationship Between Age and Happiness?
★★☆A Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
★★☆How Do You Like Your Caffeine — In Tea or Coffee?
★★☆Can Folic Acid Prevent Childhood Autism?
★★☆US Takes Action Against Cyber Theft Threat
★★☆Nigerian Doctor Honored for Fight Against River Blindness
★★☆IBM Says Computers Will See, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hear Things Better in the Future
★★☆Music Would Not Be The Same Without the Guitar
★★☆The Debate Over Targeted Killings
★★☆Ear Care: Do-It-Yourself Wax Removal
★★☆Mobile Telephones Changing Lives in Africa
★★☆Barack Obama Begins 2nd Term as President
★★☆International Labor Organization Predicts Higher Unemployment
★★☆Lifelong Bilingualism Gives Seniors Mental Edge
★★☆Were the Charges Against Aaron Swartz Too Extreme?
★★☆World Economic Forum Rates Global Risks for 2013
★★☆President Obama Preparing to Receive Gun Policy Recommendations
★★☆A Look Back at Economic News of 2012
★★☆Internet Users in China Must Use Real Names
★★☆The Ups and Downs of Living Longer
★★☆Student Launches Hospital for iPhones
★★☆Health and Environmental Concerns as Ugandans Start to Eat Primates
★★☆Vietnamese Man Wants a “Book Revolution” in his Country
★★☆Mangrove Trees Fight Poverty in Eritrean Village
★★☆Using a Mobile Phone to Improve Mother and Child Health
★★☆Rights Group Calls for Ban on Fully Autonomous Killer Robots
★★☆‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Say Their Taxes Are Too Low
★★☆UN Says Family Planning Pays Big for Developing Countries
★★☆Ethiopia Permits Mobile Banking and Money Services
★★☆Number of International Students Attending American Colleges and Universities Continues Rising
★★☆President Obama Wins Second Term
★★☆In Eastern DRC, Ex-Fighters Make a New Life With Coffee
★★☆Eastern United States Struggles to Recover from Huge Storm
★★☆Growing Girls Who Code
★★☆Week of Final Presidential Debate Ends With More Campaign Activities
★★☆Are Smartphone Apps Encouraging Young Smokers?
★★☆Seeking HIV Tests for All in US Age 15-65
★★☆Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in United States
★★☆Gene Mapping Identifies Four Different Types of Breast Cancer
★★☆FTC Takes on Computer Scareware Scammers
★★☆Experts Work to Develop Better Tools to Predict Severe Weather
★★☆What World Leaders Said at the UN
★★☆How to Win a Debate, Presidential or Otherwise
★★☆Refugee Camps are a Breeding Ground for Disease
★★☆Can Social Media Improve Voter Turnout?
★★☆TED Lesson / Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new (ジェシー・アーリントン: 新しくないものを着ること)
★★☆Ethic Violence in Kenya Raises Concerns Among Investors
★★☆Apollo 13: ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem Here’
★★☆A UN Warning About Chemical Dangers
★★☆Technology Designed to Take Paralympians to New Levels
★★☆American Documents the Country’s First Exchange Students from China
★★☆Driving With GPS Can Be Difficult to Navigate
★★☆Worries About Rising Food Prices May Ease
★★☆Uneven Signs of Growth in the Transport Industry
★★☆The Legal Battle Between Apple and Samsung
★★☆Surviving a Drought: A Farmer’s Old-Fashioned Lessons
★★☆More Low-Cost AIDS Drugs Mean More People Treated
★★☆India Defends Moves Against Social Media
★★☆Burma Places Hopes for Development in Foreign Investment
★★☆Making Friends Not Always Easy for Foreign Students
★★☆Words and Their Stories: Insect Expressions
★★☆Fish Expressions: This All Sounds Very Fishy
★★☆Bonobos Threatened With Extinction
★★☆IB Program Aims to Form ‘Students of the World’
★★☆Designing an Alternative to Antibiotics
★★☆Uganda Fights Another Ebola Outbreak