★★☆Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees

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  1. mobilize /ˈmoʊbəˌlaɪz/ (v.)
  2. to bring (people) together for action

  3. fundraiser /ˈfʌndˌreɪzɚ/ (n. )
  4. a social event held to collect money for a political party, charity, school, etc.

  5. hike /ˈhaɪk/ (v. )
  6. to walk a long distance especially for pleasure or exercise

  7. focus /ˈfoʊkəs/ (n. )
  8. a main purpose or interest

  9. wind turbine /ˈwɪnd ˈtɚbən/ (n. )
  10. a tall structure that has large blades attached to an engine and that is used to produce electricity


    Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees

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    (1) April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s theme is “It’s Our Turn to Lead.” The organization, Earth Day Network, says a huge number of people have joined the environmental movement since the first Earth Day in 1970.

    (2) Back then, about 20 million people around the world were mobilized. This year, more than one billion people are planning to take action to protect the planet. And the events will be large and small.

    (3) In Plant City, Florida, a community garden is holding its first Earth Day fundraiser. The Plant City Commons Community Garden celebration will be held outdoors. The event will include food, music and workshops on gardening. But visitors can also shop for plants, gardening tools and local farm goods. Artists and artisans will also display their goods for sale. Proceeds from the event will help support the garden.

    (4) Garden President Karen Elizabeth told the Plant City newspaper that the group always wanted to organize a family-fun day.

    (5) In Washington, D.C., the Earth Day celebration will be out of this world. NASA is hosting a series of events on the National Mall and at Union Station.

    (6) NASA is also celebrating an environmental anniversary. Twenty years ago the American space agency and the National Science Foundation established the science and education program known as GLOBE. That stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.

    (7) The program connects students, teachers, and professional and citizen scientists. They participate in science data collection by conducting real, hands-on science in their local communities.

    (8) Some GLOBE students from West Virginia will celebrate Earth Day at Union Station in Washington. They are to present results from their research on water health at a West Virginia creek. In Thailand, participants will hold a workshop on the use of GLOBE research to control mosquito populations.

    (9) Other activities are more physical.

    (10) In Beijing, a hiking group will clean up and carry away trash along part of the Great Wall. An environmental group in Singapore will also do some cleanup although its focus is the island’s coasts.

    (11) Africa is getting into Earth Day with events including tree-planting projects in Cameroon and Uganda. In Lagos, participants will work on an educational campaign to teach the city about the need to cut carbon emissions.

    (12) In Peru, celebrants can take part in a biking event. Others can attend a ceremony to start up a new wind turbine and bring a renewable energy source to a rural community.

    (13) There are hundreds of Earth Day events taking place around the world. Many will continue beyond a single day.


    *Let’s talk about the article base on the questions below

    1. Is Earth Day celebrated in your country? How do people celebrate this day?
    2. Do you enjoy hiking and biking? How do you think moving using your feet and bike can help our environment?
    3. Can you live a day without using any electrical gadgets and electrical appliances? Why?
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