★★☆World Reaches Out to Nepal After Deadly Earthquake

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  1. organizations /ˌoɚgənəˈzeɪʃən/ (n.)
  2. a company, business, club, etc., that is formed for a particular purpose

  3. strike /ˈstraɪk/ (v. )
  4. to hit (someone or something) in a forceful way

  5. pledge /ˈplɛʤ/ (v. )
  6. a serious promise or agreement

  7. immediate /ɪˈmiːdijət/ (adj. )
  8. happening or done without delay

  9. relief /rɪˈliːf/ (n. )
  10. things (such as food, money, or medicine) that are given to help people who are victims of a war, earthquake, flood, etc.


    World Reaches Out to Nepal After Deadly Earthquake

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    (1) As reports of the death toll rise in Nepal, countries and relief organizations around the world are rushing to send personnel and supplies to aid the search and rescue effort.

    (2) Within hours after the earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25, India sent teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) along with relief supplies to help the neighboring country.

    (3) Xinhua, the Chinese state-run news agency reports that a 62-member China International Search-and-Rescue Team left for Nepal early Sunday with six sniffer dogs and medical equipment.

    (4) The U.S. responded with an initial pledge of $1 million in disaster relief. On Sunday afternoon, the Pentagon said that a US military plane has left with more than 70 personnel, six search dogs and 45 tons of cargo.

    (5) Other nations pledging their support for the search and rescue efforts include Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Swizerland and the United Arab Emirates.

    (6) According to the Associated Press, U.N. spokeswoman Orla Fagan says 14 international medical teams and about 15 search-and-rescue teams are on the way to Nepal. She adds, “They need to get in as soon as possible.” By Sunday, the death toll had risen above 2,500. There are many more reportedly injured and homeless.

    (7) UNICEF says that at least 940,000 children will require immediate aid. The organization is also readying two flights with a combined 120 metric tons of medical supplies, tents and blankets for urgent airlift to Katmandu

    (8) Along the Nepal-India border, four medical teams from Doctors Without Borders are heading to the quake-affected area. Other teams of doctors from Brussels, Amsterdam and Japan are on their way to provide medical assistance.

    (9) For individuals who want to help, Charity Navigator lists the organizations that plan to assist in the relief efforts. Among the organizations are: AmeriCares, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Direct Relief, GlobalGiving, Save the Children, Seva Foundation.


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    1. Do you have a favourite charity? Are you satisfied with the work charities do?
    2. What was the last cause you donated money to?
    3. What message can you give to those people who were victims of the earthquake?
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