★★☆Maria Sharapova May Get a Second Chance
One Minute of Exercise May Be All You Need
★★☆China Launches New Anti-Spying Campaign
★★☆If You Did Not Get into Harvard, Do Not Worry
★★☆Survivors Sought After Ecuador, Japan Quakes
★★☆Nigerian-American Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools
★★☆Do You Speak English Better than US Candidates?
★★☆Instagram Launches 60-Second Videos
★★☆Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure
★★☆Want to Lose Weight? Listen to Yourself Eat
★★☆Please Don’t Boycott Us!
★★☆New Drones Could Improve Weather Predictions
★★☆Apple Announces the Return of a Smaller iPhone
★★☆Mummies Contain Clues to Colon Cancer
★★☆Palestinian Wins Teaching Prize and $1 Million
★★☆★★★Expressions from Alice in Wonderland
★★☆When March 14 Circles Around, It’s Pi Day
★★☆Happy National Napping Day!
★★☆Social Media Is Keeping Young Adults Awake
★★☆Blood Cancer Therapy Is Last Chance for Some
★★☆Facebook Reactions Much More Than a Like
★★☆National Grammar Day Is Here!
★★☆Copper Metal Kills Viruses on Contact
★★☆Saudi Arabian Women’s Sports Break Stereotypes
★★☆Earthquake Survivors Found in Building in Taiwan
★★☆Trending Today: Puppy Bowl
★★☆Person Infected With Zika Virus Through Sexual Contact
★★☆Trending Today: Barbie Reimagined
★★☆Do You Know This Blizzard of Winter Words?
★★☆Roman Toilets Offered No Clear Health Benefits
★★☆Is There a Ninth Planet in Our Solar System?
★★☆Life in the Fast Lane
★★☆Best Tool to Teach Baby Talk? Their Parents’ Voice
★★☆Conflict Puts 24 Million Children Out of School
★★☆New US Food Advice Not to Everyone’s Taste
★★☆Sierra Leone Investigates Foreign Waste Agreement
★★☆Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty!
★★☆Netflix Expands to 190 Countries
★★☆Mucus: Your Friend Against Bacteria
★★☆What Is Your Achilles’ Heel?
★★☆Study: Men Who Do Housework Have More Sex
★★☆‘Force Awakens’ at Star Wars Premiere in Hollywood
★★☆Study: Humans Sleep Less, Better Than Other Animals
★★☆One School, Five Languages
★★☆Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital
★★☆Deaths, Damage As Storm Hits Great Britain
★★☆‘Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!’
★★☆After Years on Death Row, Freed Man Helps Others
★★☆Melting Glaciers on Climate Talk List in Paris
★★☆In Japanese, Onigiri Means Love and Comfort
★★☆Bless You!
★★☆Korea Celebrates Kimchi-Making Tradition
★★☆Mealworms Can Eat Plastic Waste
★★☆Slurp Your Soup, Yes! Share Your Sticks, No! Japanese Dining Rules
★★☆When Things Go Very, Very Wrong
★★☆Moroccan-Belgian Named Leader of Paris Attack
★★☆Worms and Snakes: Animals We Love to Hate
★★☆Banana Protein May Be Virus Killer
★★☆Angry Men Win Friends and Influence While Angry Women Lose
★★☆WHO: Bacon, Hot Dogs Can Cause Cancer
★★☆Besties, Buds, BFFs … Friends!
★★☆‘Back to the Future’ Celebrates 30 Years
★★☆Skilled Refugees Can Help Lift Aging Europe
★★☆Tunisians Win Nobel Peace Prize
★★☆California Dogs Riding The Waves
★★☆Russian-Made Missile Destroyed Flight MH17
★★☆Kampai! Japan Brings Sake and Sushi to Washington
★★☆Japanese Rock Band Goes English
★★☆Fabric Fights Dust Mites in Your Bed
★★☆Korean Families Torn by Border, Heart
★★☆Phone Apps Help Stop Counterfeiters in Kenya
★★☆More than 700 Crushed to Death Near Mecca
★★☆Low Levels of Vitamin D Might Hurt Your Brain
★★☆Saving the Honeybees, One Hive at a Time
★★☆Magical Invisibility Cloak Soon to Be Real
★★☆Living in a Shipping Container
★★☆EU Meets As Europe Tightens Borders on Refugees
★★☆A Dog’s Sniffer Could Be Your Best Friend in Disaster
★★☆China Debates Egg-Freezing Ban for Single Women
★★☆Millions with Mental Illness Get Little or No Treatment
★★☆US Company Developing Space-Based Plane Tracking
★★☆Futuristic Transport System Moves Closer to Reality
★★☆Economic Growth in Asia Threatens Environment
★★☆Thailand Promises to Find Bangkok Bombers
★★☆A Candidate’s Voice May Affect How We Vote
★★☆104 Dead in Chinese Port of Tianjin, Evacuation Ordered
★★☆Scientists Aim to Freeze DNA Before Creatures Die Off
★★☆Health Agreement Asks Chinese People to Help Strangers
★★☆Thai Treat is a Sweet Bite of History
★★☆Study Shows How Poverty Could Limit Learning
★★☆Why Do Mosquitoes Choose to Bite You?
★★☆Bus Brings Meals to Hungry Children During Summer Break
★★☆Activists: Greece Not the Only Nation Facing Debt Crisis
★★☆Malala: Invest in Books, Not Bullets
★★☆Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy
★★☆OK, Okay, Okey-Dokey Are A-Okay
★★☆US Spacecraft Flies by Pluto After Nine-Year Trip
★★☆Personal Flying Vehicles Close to Reality
★★☆What Is That Thing Called?
★★☆Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down
★★☆WHO Warns Against Unnecessary Caesarean Sections
★★☆Swift Change to Apple Streaming Policy
★★☆Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes
★★☆Celebrating Fathers!
★★☆Scientists Developing Technology to Recreate Crime Scenes
★★☆Students in Cambodia Want to Learn English
★★☆Jeb Bush Enters US Presidential Campaign
★★☆Let the Sun Shine In
★★☆Woman Turns Her Nightmare into a Dream for Others
★★☆Extreme Heat in India Kills Over 1100
★★☆Japan’s Past Threatens Chances for World Heritage Site
★★☆Google Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets
★★☆Hold Your Horses!
★★☆Limited Mental Health Services Being Offered in Cambodia
★★☆Bugs Are the New Food
★★☆19-Year-Old Is Youngest Mayor in Maryland History
★★☆Amazon Receives Patent for Drone Delivery System
★★☆Common French Words in American English
★★☆Change in Work Schedule Could Cure ‘Social Jet Lag’
★★☆India Plans to Build 100 ‘Smart’ Cities
★★☆TIME Lists World’s 100 Most Influential People
★★☆World Reaches Out to Nepal After Deadly Earthquake
★★☆Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees
★★☆One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music
★★☆100-Year-Old Japanese Woman Sets Swimming Record
★★☆Where Have All the Bees Gone?
★★☆Your Body Posture Can Change Your Brain
★★☆How to Raise a Reader
★★☆American Expressions in the Home
★★☆Don’t Panic!
★★☆‘Beware the Ides of March’
Worms Get Ready to Fly in Space
A Blind Teacher’s Vision
What Happens to Lost US Airline Luggage?
Is Apple Watch Getting Closer to Our Hearts?
A Tax on Sugar?
Top Ten Cities With the World’s Worst Traffic
‘White Spaces’ Gives Ghanaians Less Costly Internet
Down to Earth
Improve Your Public Speaking With Body Language
★★☆Understanding the Misunderstood Teenage Brain
★★☆Thailand Hoping for More Chinese Visitors
★★☆‘Fifty Shades of Grey:’ Big Audiences, Bad Reviews
★★☆Top Brass
★★☆A New Camera Records Invisible Motion
★★☆Old Machines Make Modern Products
★★☆Is Your Plan Sustainable?
★★☆Taiwan Changes Entrance Exams to Promote Innovation
★★☆Future Doctors Write, Edit for Wikipedia
★★☆Hostage Crisis Could Divide Japan over Military Plan
★★☆Singapore Film Ban Raises Free Speech Issue
★★☆Vietnamese Officials Worried about Political Blog
★★☆Let’s Do Business!
★★☆Study Shows Climate Change Is Affecting Bird Migration
★★☆Zimbabwean Government on Trial Over Marriage Age for Girls
★★☆Has Fate Brought Us Together?
New Camera Takes Billions of Pictures Every Second
★★☆New Camera Takes Billions of Pictures Every Second
★★☆New Artificial Skin Feels Like Real Skin
★★☆I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
★★☆Shinzo Abe’s Victory Likely Raises Conflict with Neighbors
★★☆Plastic Bags: To Ban or Not to Ban?
★★☆Tiny Needles Treat Eye Disease
★★☆Is He Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Pelznickel?
★★☆Egypt’s Increase in Visitors Not Enough
★★☆Indoor Pollution Kills Millions Each Year
★★☆South Korean Students Stressed Over College Entrance Exam
★★☆Salt Is More Than a Four-Letter Word
★★☆Women’s Football Team a Sign of Change in Afghanistan
★★☆African Union Promises to End Child Marriage
★★☆What’s the Matter?
★★☆Cambodian Opposition Criticize Dependence on Chinese Aid
★★☆Filipino Fishermen Turn to Fiberglass for New Boats
★★☆With Bonerama, Three Trombones Lead the Big Parade
★★☆Lincoln’s Words at Gettysburg Still Have Meaning
★★☆Surgery Safaris: Looking for the Perfect Body
★★☆South Korea Attempting to Reuse More E-Waste
★★☆Need a Ride? Share a Bike
★★☆Words and Their Stories: Boxing Expressions
★★☆Halloween Is Big with Kids and Business
★★☆Home of Last Comanche Chief Close to Ruins
Mass Vaccination of Dogs Can Eliminate Rabies
★★☆Scientists Create New Maps of Ocean Floor
★☆☆You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Read This
★☆☆Deadly Attack Shocks Canada’s Capital
★★☆Birds and Their Stories
★★☆Hope, Expectation for New Indonesian Leader
★★☆Will Hong Kong Unrest Affect Politics in Taiwan?
★★☆Researchers Work on 3-D Printing of Living Tissue
★☆☆Smartphone App Gives ‘Sight’ to the Blind
★★☆Deforestation Is a Threat to the Amazon
★★☆Experts: Population to Grow from 7 to 11 Billion
★★☆Scientists Discover Secrets of Coffee
★★☆Australia Links Aboriginal Aid to School Attendance
★★☆Turning Cigarette Butts to Batteries
★★☆Rwanda Opens Biggest Solar Power Plant in East Africa
★★☆Earth’s Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Recovery
★★☆Sit Less, Live Longer
★☆☆Are You Losing It?
★★☆Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in Southeast Asia
★☆☆This Story Is ‘The Cat’s Meow!’
★★☆Is North Korea Preparing to Strike US Electric Grid?
★★☆Diners Increase Business with Healthy Food
★★☆Learning to Grow Traditional Foods in Uganda
★★☆Are We Really Just Monkeys?
★★☆Tobacco Plant to Make Jet Fuel
★★☆Scientists Trying to Do Away With Passwords
★★☆How Does One Find a Meteorite?
★★☆Brain Imaging Improves Treatment for Depression
★★☆Marijuana Helps Children with Epilepsy
★★☆Conversations Find Lost Memories
★★☆NASA: Close to Discovering Life in Outer Space
★★☆Malaysian Airliner Shot Down by Missile in Ukraine
★★☆Thailand to Return Myanmar Refugees
★★☆3-D Technology Saves Lives
★★☆Plastics Blamed for Harm to Sea Environment
★★☆Brazil Football Museum Attracts Passionate Fans
★☆☆The Heart of Dixie, The Last Frontier, The Aloha State and More…
★★☆Bill Gates: Philanthropy Needs New Ideas
★★☆North Korea for Your Next Vacation?
★★☆How Ants Survive and Choose Their Leader
★★☆Natural Disasters Require Special Building Design
★★☆WHO: Alcohol Can Kill
★★☆World Cup Fever in New York City
★☆☆‘What a Dog’s Life!’
★★☆California Firefighters Ready for Severe Fire Season
★★☆Electric Shocks, Not Drugs, Help A Brain Disease
★★☆Hillary Clinton Releases New Book
★★☆Could This Be the Fountain of Youth for Mice and Men?
Scientists Search for New Ways to Stop Mosquitoes
★★☆Chinese Worker Killed in Vietnam Protest
★★☆E-Cigarettes Safer, But Not Risk Free
★★☆Can You Erase Information on the Internet?
★☆☆Nose and Ear Expressions
★★☆Why is the Antarctic cooling?
★☆☆Men and Women Really Do Think Differently
★★☆Nigeria Welcomes Help in Search for Kidnapped Students
Ace in the Hole
★☆☆Bigwig and Top Banana
★★☆Vietnam Says No to Asian Games
Hopes Decrease in Search for Survivors of South Korean Ferry
★★☆Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
★★☆China and US Seek Closer Military Ties, But Differences Remain
★☆☆Hold Up or Held Up?
★★☆International Space Station Puts on a Saturday Night Show
★★☆Two Powerful Earthquakes Strike Chile
Get Your ‘Kick’ with Words
New York Invests Heavily in Biotech Development
Chip on Your Shoulder
Businessman Buys Famous Car Factory in Detroit
Losing It
Will Sanctions Against Russia Work?
What’s a GI Joe?
Computer Terms
Money Talks
How Can Air Traffic Controllers Lose a Plane?
The World Wide Web Turns 25
From Couch Potato to Cabin Fever
Separated Families Meet in North Korea for a Rare Reunion
Have You Heard of the Golden Rule?
Do You Have a Broken Heart? A Heart of Stone?
Hospice Helps Patients Live Their Final Days
Heart to Heart: Some Heartfelt Expressions
Winter Olympics Open in Sochi
President Obama Takes State of the Union Speech to Public
★★☆Working to Fight Climate Change
Millions Suffer from Epilepsy
I’m Red Hot, I’m In the Pink, I’m Blue and I’m Green With Envy
★★☆UN Diplomat Says Syria Talks to Continue Saturday
North Korea Executes Kim Relative
Scientists Say Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused
Cameroon Turns Against Illegal Hospitals
Without Them, Machines Fall Apart
Extreme Cold Freezes Much of United States
When Is a Choice Not Really a Choice?
Is His Name Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Pelznickel? Who Cares, So Long As He Brings Gifts!
A Chip on Your Shoulder
Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks!
Remembering Nelson Mandela Around the World
Burkina Faso Scientist Wins Award for Mosquito Research
New Sport Doping Rule Doesn’t Ban Herbal Drugs
Protecting Typhoon Survivors From Traffickers
Iran Nuclear Agreement Called a Good First Step
Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag!
The Gettysburg Address
Remembering a President: John F. Kennedy
Are Rising Temperatures to Blame for Typhoon Haiyan?
Keeping Your Head Above Water
Improving Breast Cancer Care Through Theater
Your Idea Will Not Wash. And, Let’s Talk Turkey!
Wealth May Affect How You Feel About Others
Big Cats Once Lived in L.A.
It’s Not Worth a Hill of Beans!
Officials Consider Changes to Spying Policy
US Election Results May Help Predict Future Voting
Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others
Bird Words
Russians Question Muslim Influence
Deal Reopens Government, Extends Debt Limit
All About Cats – The World’s Favorite Pet
Hey Greenhorn!
Don’t Take a Cat Nap! This Story’s the Cat’s Meow!
Beauty Pageants Attract Ugly Comments
Hold On
US Cancels Hundreds of Millions in Aid to Egypt
Words and Their Stories: Hold Your Horses!
Aggression in Children Who Drink Lots of Soda
Gambling — And Losing
Growing Demand for Meat, Milk and Eggs
Comment Could Settle Syria Crisis or Make it Worse
India Sentences Accused Rapists to Death
Jackpot! Winning the Lottery
Free Education for Poor Kenyan Girls
★★☆First Aid May Save Lives
Rising Temperatures Could Mean More Wildfires
★☆☆Hit the Spot, Hit Bottom, Hit the Books
Vitamins are Important to Good Health
Egyptians Mourn Victims of Recent Violence
Hot Potatoes, Hotshots and Hotheads
Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Shrinking
Mars Rover Marks First Year on Red Planet
Baseball Expressions: We try to hit a home run
Words and Their Stories: Down to Earth
Hot Weather Is Becoming More Common in More Places
We Put Things in “Apple Pie Order”
Racial Protests, Possible Civil Rights Charges in Zimmerman Case
The Fight to Protect Cassava Plants
Investigating the Crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214
UN Says Key to Africa’s Success Is…Africa
Filmmaking Classes Give Disabled a Creative Outlet
Dressed to Kill
2000 to 2010: A Period of “Unprecedented” Weather Extremes, Scientists Say
Herbs and Spices May Improve Your Health
★☆☆Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down
Apps for That: Traffic Jams, Alzheimer’s Care
★☆☆Reformer Wins Surprise Victory in Iranian Presidential Election
★★☆Crocodile Attacks Increase
★★☆Science in the News – Aspirin
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Money Talks
★☆☆Erdogan Rejects Criticism of Turkey Protests
★☆☆US Senate Votes to Open Debate on Immigration Bill
★☆☆Old Proverbs Still Speak the Truth
★★☆Have a headache? You are not alone.
★★☆Afghan Fashion Designer Creates Dresses, Jobs
★★☆School Lunch Important for Health and Education
★★☆International Survey Shows Habits of Happy Couples
★★☆New Study Predicts Huge Species Loss from Climate Change
★☆☆Rebuilding in Moore After Deadly Tornado
★★☆Pollution Forces Residents from California Town
★★☆Breathing Easier: How to Control Asthma
★☆☆Obama Administration on the Defensive
★★☆‘Play Lady’ Calls for Old-Fashioned Play
★★☆Angelina Jolie Removes Breasts to Prevent Cancer
★☆☆Proverbs Tell About Love, War and Money
★★☆Air Pollution Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease
★☆☆California Seeks China’s Help in Going Green
★★☆Search for Boston Bombers
★☆☆Indonesians Using Smartphones to Connect to the Internet
★☆☆3-D Goes From Movies To Real World
★★☆Tensions High on Korean Peninsula
★★☆Same-Sex Marriage Faced a Serious Test this Week in the United States
★☆☆Orangutans With iPads
★★★Ancient Martian Conditions Could Have Supported Life
★★☆Malawi Hospital Expands Use of Electronic Records
★☆☆Life Not So Sweet for Nigerian Sugar Farmers
★★☆American Lawmakers Concerned about Cyber Attacks
★★☆Words and Their Stories: It Will Not Wash
★☆☆Navigation App Helps Predict Traffic Conditions
★★☆Pope Francis Represents Firsts for Catholics
★★★New Vaccine Shrinks Head and Neck Cancers
★☆☆New Internet Rules Offer Window into North Korea
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Get Your Act Together
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Grapevine
★★☆China Develops Its Drone Industry
★★★When Collecting Things Becomes a Problem
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: A Chip on Your Shoulder
★★☆US Takes Action Against Cyber Theft Threat
★★☆Nigerian Doctor Honored for Fight Against River Blindness
★★★President Obama Sets His Goals for 2013
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Dog Talk
★★☆IBM Says Computers Will See, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hear Things Better in the Future
★☆☆Now on the iPad: Apps for Orangutans
★★☆Music Would Not Be The Same Without the Guitar
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Losing It
★★☆The Debate Over Targeted Killings
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Food Expressions, Part 3
★★☆Lifelong Bilingualism Gives Seniors Mental Edge
★☆☆What Online Teens Consider ‘Research’
★★☆Were the Charges Against Aaron Swartz Too Extreme?
★☆☆Getting a Firm Grip on Weed Control
★☆☆World Bank Makes Predictions for Global Economy
★★★Watching for Early Signs of Autism in Babies
★☆☆New Rules Aim to Improve US Food Safety
★☆☆Televisions Stole the Spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
★★☆World Economic Forum Rates Global Risks for 2013
★☆☆E-Commerce Challenges Traditional Stores
★☆☆Tablet Computers Most Wanted Gift This Holiday
★★☆The Ups and Downs of Living Longer
★☆☆Tragedy at One School, Renewal at Another
★★☆Student Launches Hospital for iPhones
★☆☆American Intelligence Report Predicts China will be World’s Leading Economic Power by 2030
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Santa Claus
★★☆Health and Environmental Concerns as Ugandans Start to Eat Primates
★★☆Vietnamese Man Wants a “Book Revolution” in his Country
★★☆Mangrove Trees Fight Poverty in Eritrean Village
★★★Aid Workers Seek to Build ‘Resilience’ in Sahel
★☆☆South Pacific Islands Now Totally Powered by the Sun
★☆☆How an Allowance Helps Children Learn About Money
★★☆UN Says Family Planning Pays Big for Developing Countries
★☆☆Could Waste Plastic Reduce Our Need for Oil?
★★☆Ethiopia Permits Mobile Banking and Money Services
★☆☆New Medical Tape Reduces Pain for Newborns, Older Adults
★★☆Number of International Students Attending American Colleges and Universities Continues Rising
★★★Improving ‘Feed Efficiency’ in Cattle
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Down to Earth
★☆☆Mobile Phones Could Help Efforts to End Malaria
★☆☆Nobel Prize in Economics Recognizes ‘Market Designers’
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Baseball Terms
★☆☆United Nations Report Urges “Putting Education to Work”
★★☆Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in United States
★★★Was Jesus Married?
★☆☆Conflict Presses Syrian Economy
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Fall Guy
★☆☆Experts Suggest Ways to Help International Students Make Friends with American Students
★☆☆Clashes Intensify on Turkish-Syrian Border
★★☆Apollo 13: ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem Here’
★★☆A UN Warning About Chemical Dangers
★★☆Technology Designed to Take Paralympians to New Levels
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Let’s Do Business
★★☆American Documents the Country’s First Exchange Students from China
★★☆Driving With GPS Can Be Difficult to Navigate
★★☆Worries About Rising Food Prices May Ease
★★☆Uneven Signs of Growth in the Transport Industry
★★☆The Legal Battle Between Apple and Samsung
★☆☆Touring Colleges, Without Ever Leaving Home
★★☆India Defends Moves Against Social Media
★★☆Burma Places Hopes for Development in Foreign Investment
★☆☆Words and Their Stories: Computer Terms
★★☆Making Friends Not Always Easy for Foreign Students
★★☆Words and Their Stories: Insect Expressions
★★☆Fish Expressions: This All Sounds Very Fishy
★★☆Bonobos Threatened With Extinction
★★☆IB Program Aims to Form ‘Students of the World’
★★☆Designing an Alternative to Antibiotics
★★☆Uganda Fights Another Ebola Outbreak