★★☆‘Force Awakens’ at Star Wars Premiere in Hollywood

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  1. premiere/ˈprɛmiˌɛə/(n.)
  2. the first time a film, play, television show, etc., is shown or performed​

  3. reprise/rɪˈpriːz/(v.)
  4. something that is repeated

  5. droid /droid/ (adj.)
  6. a robot

  7. opportunity /ˌɑːpɚˈtuːnəti/ (v.)
  8. a series of events that make it possible to do something


    ‘Force Awakens’ at Star Wars Premiere in Hollywood

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    (1) The new force gathered with the old Monday when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made its world premiere in Hollywood.

    (2) “The Force Awakens” is the seventh film in the “Star Wars” series. The original premiered in 1977 and made movies stars of three actors. Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia, Mark Hamill was Luke Skywalker and Harrison Ford played Han Solo.

    (3) The trio returned to reprise their roles in one of the most secretive movie openings of all time. It was long-awaited.

    (4) “There’s a lot of admirable characteristics to the opportunity [of being in this picture],” Ford said. “People have been anticipating this film for a long time.”

    (5) John Boyega plays Finn, a new character. He expressed respect for the work of his older co-stars.

    (6) “I am a Star Wars fan, so I feel like we’re paying homage to a film that I really respect,” Boyega said.

    (7) The red carpet event included the stars, but the movie’s Stormtroopers and droids also made appearances. Celebrities attending the opening included Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg and Sofia Vergara

    (8) Monday’s preview is a sneak peak of the excitement which will take place at theaters in North America next week. “The Force Awakens” officially opens December 18.


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