★★☆Hillary Clinton Releases New Book

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There are two stories in this article. Read and understand the story. If you may have any difficult words to pronounce and words you cannot understand, always ask your teacher.

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*Read the words carefully.

  1. campaign /kæmˈpeɪn/ (n.) a series of activities designed to produce a particular result
  2. tantalize /ˈtæntəˌlaɪz/ (v.)to cause (someone) to feel interest or excitement about something that is very attractive, appealing, etc.
  3. amplify /ˈæmpləˌfaɪ/ (v.) to increase the strength of (an electric signal)
  4. political /pəˈlɪtɪkəl/ (adj.)of or relating to politics or government
  5. yet /ˈjɛt/ (adv.) until now : so far


Hillary Clinton Releases New Book

* Read the text below

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 (1)Last week, former United States Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched a publicity campaign in support of her new book. The book is called “Hard Choices.” Political observers and reporters say it appears to be tied to a possible campaign for the presidency. The wife of former President Bill Clinton has not yet said whether she will be a candidate in the 2016 presidential elections.

(2) Anne Gearan is a reporter at the Washington Post newspaper. She has been following Hillary Clinton since the 1990s. And she has read the new book.

(3) “The book is, it sort of leaves off with a very tantalizing comment about whether she would or wouldn’t run and says ‘I haven’t decided yet.’ So it kind of leaves you hanging.”

(4) In Hard Choices, Ms. Clinton talks about her decisions as secretary of state. She also discusses her efforts to slow the growth of poverty and working in support of women’s rights.

(5) Ranjita de Silva de Alwis directs the Women in Public Service Project. Ms. Clinton, and several women’s colleges, launched the project in 2011.

(6) “Secretary Clinton has put in a lot of effort to, for us to amplify women’s voices around the world. Women galvanize around her leadership. She’s not seen just as a woman who belongs to the United States, she belongs to the world, and wherever we go women say ‘she’s one of us.’”

(7) Anne Gearan says the book tour will give Ms. Clinton’s opponents the chance to weaken her politically.

(8) “Anything Hilary Clinton says or does from now until the moment she announces will be, you know, in some way countered by Republicans trying to knock a couple holes in the person they see as not only the most likely candidate but also the strongest of, of the potential field of Democrats.”


*Let’s talk about the article base on the questions below

  1. If you can write your own book, what will it be all about?
  2. Who is Hilary Clinton? Do you think she is a good role model?
  3. Who are the most influential women in your society nowadays? Why are they influential? Please name at least two.

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