★★☆Trending Today: Puppy Bowl

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  1. alternative /ɑlˈtɚnətɪv/ (n.)
  2. something that can be chosen instead of something else​

  3. lineup /ˈlaɪnˌʌp/ (n.)
  4. a list of the players who are playing in a game


    Trending Today: Puppy Bowl

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    (1) This is What’s Trending Today:

    (2) This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday.

    (3) Two teams will play for the championship of American football. The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are busy preparing for Super Bowl 50. The game will be played at Levi’s Stadium, a newly built sports center in Santa Clara, California.

    (4) But on social media today, tweets and posts were directed at another bowl game — the Puppy Bowl!

    The Puppy Bowl fantasy draft is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. ????????

    — Michelle Hadachek (@mrshadachek) February 3, 2016

    (5) The Animal Planet television channel created the Puppy Bowl in 2005. The TV program shows puppies on a small field similar to a football field. The young animals play with a football, and announcers describe their actions, just like in a real American football game. The Puppy Bowl is set to be broadcast on Animal Planet this Sunday.

    (6) The Puppy Bowl is an alternative to the real Super Bowl. It is for people who do not like watching American football.

    (7) On Wednesday, Animal Planet announced the starting lineup for the 2016 Puppy Bowl. Fifty puppies will “play” in the game. They are from animal shelters, and are available for adoption. Each one is in need of a good home.

    (8) On Twitter and Facebook Wednesday, people commented about their favorite puppies and made predictions for this year’s Puppy Bowl. “Puppy Bowl” was even a trending sports topic on Facebook.

    (9) The only concern? Puppy football lasts only one game, and not a full season like American football.

    (10) And that’s What’s Trending Today.

    There should be an entire season of puppy activities leading up to the Puppy Bowl just like there’s a season leading up to the Super Bowl.

    — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) February 3, 2016


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