★★☆Earthquake Survivors Found in Building in Taiwan

2016年02月09日 ★★☆, In the News, News Articles, VOA, World.

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  1. story /ˈstori/ (n.)
  2. one floor level of a building of at least two levels​

  3. apartment /əˈpɑɚtmənt/ (n.)
  4. a room or group of rooms in a building that is usually rented and is used as a place to live

  5. survivor /sɚˈvaɪvɚ/ (n.)
  6. a person who continues to live after an accident, illness, war, etc.


    Earthquake Survivors Found in Building in Taiwan

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    (1) Two people have been rescued from a collapsed 17-story apartment building in Tainan, Taiwan where a powerful earthquake struck Saturday.

    (2) Officials say a woman was found under the body of her husband Monday morning. The body of their two-year-old son was found near them. Rescue workers are searching for five other members of the woman’s family.

    (3) A man was also found alive. He is reported to be talking to rescue workers.

    (4) The powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck early Saturday morning. At least 36 people have died.

    (5) Liu Shih Chung is the deputy secretary-general of the city of Tainan government. He told VOA that more than 300 people have been rescued from the building. He says about 100 people are missing.

    (6) Sixteen rescue teams from across the country are helping search for survivors. Liu says workers are now “entering into the most difficult part” of the rescue effort. That is because most people must be found within 72 hours after being trapped.

    (7) Workers are using cranes, tools and their hands to dig through collapsed buildings. Medical workers are ready to help anyone found alive.

    (8) Taiwan’s official Central News Agency says nine buildings were destroyed in the quake, all of them in the historic city of Tainan. Many other buildings are unsafe, forcing people who lived or worked in them to leave. Markets, banks and other companies that operated in the buildings are closed.

    (9) Liu says hotels will let people stay in rooms without charge for a week.

    (10) Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said there have been several smaller quakes since Saturday.

    (11) The quake struck two days before the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar.


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    3. Do you think an earthquake is the world’s scariest natural disaster?
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