★★☆Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital

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  1. cellular/ˈsɛljəlɚ/(adj.)
  2. relating to a system that uses radio waves instead of wires to send telephone signals

  3. broadband/ˈbrɑːdˌbænd/(v.)
  4. a fast electronic network that carries more than one type of communication (such as Internet and cable television signals)

  5. satellite /ˈsætəˌlaɪt/ (n.)
  6. a machine that is sent into space and that moves around the earth, moon, sun or a planet. Satellites are used for radio, television and other types of communication


    Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital

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    (1) Technology company Google has brought reliable Internet connections to Kampala, Uganda.

    (2) Google is expanding high-speed Internet in the city, the company said. The project includes 120 locations in the Ugandan capital. It is part of an attempt to improve web infrastructure in Africa.

    (3) Higher capacity means faster and cheaper access to customers. One day of unlimited data using the new network should cost 1,000 Ugandan shillings, the company said. That is equal to 30 American cents.

    (4) About 8.5 million people use the Internet in Uganda. That is about 23 percent of the country’s population. Many in that country use cellular phone technology, but Internet service is not popular because it was expensive before Google’s Project Link.

    (5) Broadband access to the Internet is still hard to find in many places in Africa. Project Link moved into the Ghana cities of Accra and Kumasi this autumn.

    (6) Other big players on the Internet also aided Africa. Social media’s Facebook announced this fall better access to the Internet in Africa by using satellites.


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    1. what can you say about this project from Google?
    2. Can you live without the internet? What piece of technology can you not do without?
    3. How has the internet change your life?
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