★★☆China Launches New Anti-Spying Campaign
★★☆If You Did Not Get into Harvard, Do Not Worry
★★☆Nigerian-American Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools
★★☆Do You Speak English Better than US Candidates?
★★☆Please Don’t Boycott Us!
★★☆New Drones Could Improve Weather Predictions
★★☆Mummies Contain Clues to Colon Cancer
★★☆Palestinian Wins Teaching Prize and $1 Million
★★☆When March 14 Circles Around, It’s Pi Day
★★☆National Grammar Day Is Here!
★★☆Helping Children Too Much Is Hurting Them
★★☆Saudi Arabian Women’s Sports Break Stereotypes
★★☆Is There a Ninth Planet in Our Solar System?
★★☆Life in the Fast Lane
★★☆Best Tool to Teach Baby Talk? Their Parents’ Voice
★★☆Conflict Puts 24 Million Children Out of School
★★☆Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty!
★★☆Questions Raised on N. Korea’s Claim of Hydrogen Bomb Test
★★☆Plant Your Mobile Charger in the Dirt
★★☆What Is Your Achilles’ Heel?
★★☆One School, Five Languages
★★☆Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital
★★☆‘Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!’
★★☆Melting Glaciers on Climate Talk List in Paris
★★☆In Japanese, Onigiri Means Love and Comfort
★★☆Bless You!
★★☆When Things Go Very, Very Wrong
★★☆Worms and Snakes: Animals We Love to Hate
★★☆Can You Wrap Your Words Around These Tongue-Twisters?
★★☆Weasel, Duck, Dog: Animals That Are Also Verbs
★★☆Facebook Launches More Mobile App
★★☆Besties, Buds, BFFs … Friends!
★★☆Vending Machines Dispense Free Books to Children
★★☆Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?
★★☆A Candidate’s Voice May Affect How We Vote
★★☆Mortgage and Other ‘Death’ Words (Special Dialogue)
★★☆Mortgage and Other ‘Death’ Words
★★☆Let’s Go on a Space Trip!
★★☆Study Shows How Poverty Could Limit Learning
★★☆Malala: Invest in Books, Not Bullets
★★☆OK, Okay, Okey-Dokey Are A-Okay
★★☆What Is That Thing Called?
★★☆Russia Bans Internet Database Archive
★★☆Bringing the Internet Closer Helps Students
★★☆Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down
★★☆Celebrating Fathers!
★★☆Students in Cambodia Want to Learn English
★★☆Let the Sun Shine In
★★☆Conference Urges Protection of Wetlands
★★☆Maverick, A Truly American Word
★★☆LinkedIn, EF Offer Test Scores for English Learners
★★☆Words That Are Their Own Opposites
★★☆Japan’s Past Threatens Chances for World Heritage Site
★★☆Hold Your Horses!
★★☆Common French Words in American English
★★☆Not All Mother Expressions Are As Nice As Mom
★★☆When It Comes to Money, Black Is Better Than Red
★★☆S.O.S. – In Other Words, Help!
★★☆How to Raise a Reader
★★☆American Expressions in the Home
★☆☆Expressions From the World of Bugs
★★☆Don’t Panic!
★★☆‘Beware the Ides of March’
Worms Get Ready to Fly in Space
A Blind Teacher’s Vision
Down to Earth
Improve Your Public Speaking With Body Language
★★☆Taiwan Changes Entrance Exams to Promote Innovation
★★☆Future Doctors Write, Edit for Wikipedia
★★☆Mobile App Seeks to Preserve African Folktales
Will Chinese Replace English as the Global Language?
★★☆Let’s Do Business!
★★☆Has Fate Brought Us Together?
★★☆New Camera Takes Billions of Pictures Every Second
★★☆New Artificial Skin Feels Like Real Skin
★★☆South Korean Students Stressed Over College Entrance Exam
★★☆Salt Is More Than a Four-Letter Word
★★☆What’s the Matter?
★★☆Ebola Forces Sierra Leone Students to Learn by Radio
★★☆Scientists Create New Maps of Ocean Floor
★☆☆You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Read This
★★☆Researchers Work on 3-D Printing of Living Tissue
★★☆Senegal Uses Technology to Teach Reading
★★☆Hey, I’m Workin’ for Chickenfeed Here!
★★☆Three Scientists Win Nobel Prize for Brain Research
★☆☆This ‘Swan Song’ Is My ‘Last Hurrah’
★☆☆Smartphone App Gives ‘Sight’ to the Blind
★★☆Australia Links Aboriginal Aid to School Attendance
★★☆Earth’s Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Recovery
★★☆Sit Less, Live Longer
★☆☆Are You Losing It?
★★☆A Cup of Joe With Average Joes and Plain Janes
★★☆Street Vendor Helps Poor to Learn English and Japanese
★★☆Go Away! You’re Buggin’ Me!
★★☆Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in Southeast Asia
★☆☆This Story Is ‘The Cat’s Meow!’
★★☆Learning to Grow Traditional Foods in Uganda
★★☆Are We Really Just Monkeys?
★★☆How Does One Find a Meteorite?
★★☆TED Lesson Joi Ito/ Want to innovate? Become a “now-ist” (伊藤穣一”革新的なことをしたいなら「ナウイスト」になろう”)
★☆☆It’s Not Worth a Hill of Beans
★★☆Hollywood Movies Used to Teach Science
★☆☆What Do You Do With Your Mouth?
★★☆NASA: Close to Discovering Life in Outer Space
★★☆3-D Technology Saves Lives
★★☆Brazil Football Museum Attracts Passionate Fans
★☆☆The Heart of Dixie, The Last Frontier, The Aloha State and More…
★★☆How Ants Survive and Choose Their Leader
★☆☆‘What a Dog’s Life!’
★★☆Electric Shocks, Not Drugs, Help A Brain Disease
★★☆Obama Joins Head Injury Debate
★★☆Number One
★★☆The Effects of Bullying on Health
★☆☆Let’s Play Ball!
★★☆Could This Be the Fountain of Youth for Mice and Men?
★☆☆Nose and Ear Expressions
★★☆Why is the Antarctic cooling?
★☆☆Men and Women Really Do Think Differently
Ace in the Hole
★★☆MERS Virus Spreads Outside Middle East
★☆☆Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
★☆☆Bigwig and Top Banana
★★☆Vietnam Says No to Asian Games
★★☆Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
★☆☆Hold Up or Held Up?
Losing It
What’s a GI Joe?
Computer Terms
Scientists Plan to Make 3-D Map of the Milky Way
Heard It Through the Grapevine
Baloney or Blarney?
Do You Have a Broken Heart? A Heart of Stone?
Hospice Helps Patients Live Their Final Days
Heart to Heart: Some Heartfelt Expressions
Liberian Women Learn to Read and Write
Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Trains, Cats and Dogs — They’re All on Calendars
South Africa Teens Fight HIV
North Korea Executes Kim Relative
Scientists Say Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused
When Is a Choice Not Really a Choice?
A Chip on Your Shoulder
Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks!
Burkina Faso Scientist Wins Award for Mosquito Research
Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag!
New Center in South Africa Honors Nelson Mandela
Remembering a President: John F. Kennedy
Are Rising Temperatures to Blame for Typhoon Haiyan?
Keeping Your Head Above Water
Big Cats Once Lived in L.A.
It’s Not Worth a Hill of Beans!
Philippines Plans for Disasters
A Bad Taste in My Mouth
The Cold, Hard Truth
Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others
Bird Words
Russians Question Muslim Influence
Don’t Take a Cat Nap! This Story’s the Cat’s Meow!
Hold On
Farm Expressions
Music and The Human Brain
Hey You! Quit Monkeying Around!
Body Pain Often Caused by Fibromyalgia
ラガヴァKK 「揺すぶって変えるストーリー」/Raghava KK: Shake up your story
Words and Their Stories: Hold Your Horses!
Aggression in Children Who Drink Lots of Soda
シャバナ・バシージ=ラサ「アフガンの少女に教育を」/Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls
Jackpot! Winning the Lottery
Free Education for Poor Kenyan Girls
キャメロン・ラッセル 「ルックスだけが全てじゃない。モデルの私が言うんだから信じて」/Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.
★★☆First Aid May Save Lives
The City of Brotherly Love, and Beantown
エイミー・カディ 「ボディランゲージが人を作る」/Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
International Football Returns to Afghanistan
ラムジー・ムサラム 「学びを輝かせる3つのルール」Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning
★☆☆Hit the Spot, Hit Bottom, Hit the Books
Vitamins are Important to Good Health
Hot Potatoes, Hotshots and Hotheads
Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Shrinking
Mars Rover Marks First Year on Red Planet
Baseball Expressions: We try to hit a home run
Words and Their Stories: Down to Earth
We Put Things in “Apple Pie Order”
Words and Their Stories: Top Brass
Dressed to Kill
★☆☆Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down
Supreme Court Rules on Three Major Rights Issues
Graduating Early from Medical, Law School
★★☆シェリル・サンドバーグ:何故女性のリーダーは少ないのか Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders
★★☆ドリュー・ダドリー 「日常にあるリーダーシップ」 Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership (No Japanese Transcript)
★★☆アドーラ・スヴィタク 「大人は子供から何を学べるか」Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids
★★★TED Lesson / Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison(デイモン・ホロヴィッツ「刑務所の哲学」)
TED Lesson / Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success (リチャード・セント・ジョン「成功者だけが知る、8つの秘密!」)
TED Lesson / Jay Walker on the world’s English mania(ジェイ・ウォーカーが語る世界の英語熱)