★★☆Nigerian-American Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools

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  1. at the top of game (idiom.)
  2. doing one’s best; doing the best one can do

  3. academically/ˌækəˈdɛmɪkli/ (adv.)
  4. relating to to education and scholarship

  5. valedictorian /ˌvæləˌdɪkˈtorijən/ (n.)
  6. the student who has the highest grades in a graduating class and who give a speech at graduation ceremonies

  7. elated /ɪˈleɪtəd/ (adj.)
  8. very happy and excited


    Nigerian-American Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools

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    (1) For the second time in two years, all eight Ivy League schools have offered admission to a teenager from Nigeria.

    (2) Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna is in her final year at Elmont High School in Long Island, New York. She is at the top of their game, academically speaking. Few Americans are able to get accepted into every one of the Ivy League schools.

    (3) The eight are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University.

    (4) In addition, the teenager was accepted at four other schools in the United States. They are Johns Hopkins University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    (5) The 17-year old is valedictorian of her high school class. She has a grade point average of 101.6.

    (6) In a press release, Uwamanzu-Nna credits her success to the ideals of the town of Elmont, New York, her supportive parents and her teachers. She said she is “elated” and “thankful”.

    (7) Last year, Harold Ekeh from Elmont Memorial High was accepted for admission at all eight Ivy League schools. He chose to attend Yale University after having a total of 13 schools to choose from.

    (8) Ekeh was born in Nigeria and came to the United States when he was 8 years old. Uwamanzu-Nna is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants.

    (9) She was a finalist in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search for her research on cement. Researchers say her findings could help prevent underwater oil rigs from breaking apart.

    (10) She plans to seek a science-related study program in college.

    (11) Uwamanzu-Nna has yet to make a decision on what school she will attend. But with her admission to 12 schools guaranteed, the decision is sure to be a difficult one.


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