★★☆Adele US Concert Tickets Sell in Minutes

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  1. concert/ˈkɑːnsɚt/(n.)
  2. a public performance of music

  3. heartbroken/ˈhɑɚtˌbroʊkən/(adj.)
  4. filled with great sadness

  5. ranged /ˈreɪnʤ/ (v.)
  6. to include everything between specified limits


    Adele US Concert Tickets Sell in Minutes

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    (1) In several hundred seconds, thousands of Adele concert tickets were bought throughout North America

    (2) An estimated 10 million people went online or stood in line last week for the opportunity to purchase tickets to Adele’s 2016 North American tour, according to Entertainment Weekly. A total of 440,000 tickets were available for the 56-date tour through the United States and Mexico.

    (3) Some fans keeping track of the sale said all tickets were sold in 120 seconds.

    (4) “Adele tickets sold out in two minutes, and I am heartbroken,” Sammi Steger wrote via social media.

    (5) Fans reported getting stuck online for 45 minutes or more on ticketing websites. Many of those fans came away with no tickets.

    (6) Adele’s manager told Rolling Stone magazine that the singer’s team has “done everything within our power to get as many tickets as possible in the hands of the fans.”

    (7) Ticketing resale websites like Stubhub and EBay posted Adele tickets minutes following the public sale. The asking prices from the these sites ranged from close to $10,000 for tickets near the stage at Madison Square Garden to $300 for upper deck seating.

    (8) The official ticket prices ranged from $40 to $750.

    (9) The North American portion of the tour starts in St. Paul, Minnesota in July and ends in Mexico City on November 15.

    (10) Tickets for the singer’s UK and European concert tour also sold out within minutes when they went on sale earlier this month.


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