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  1. introduce /ˌɪntrəˈduːs/ (v.)
  2. to present (something) for discussion or consideration

  3. take on the world (idiom.)
  4. to accept as a challenge

  5. snorkeling /ˈsnoɚkəl/ (v.)
  6. swimming underwater while using a snorkel​ (a special tube that makes it possible to breathe while you are swimming with your head underwater ​

  7. marinated /ˈmerəˌneɪt/ (adj.)
  8. a style of meat or fish that is put in a sauce for a period of time to add flavor or to make it more tender

  9. mausoleum /ˈmerəˌneɪt/ (n.)
  10. a stone building with places for the dead bodies of several people or the body of an important person


    The World’s 10 Places ‘On the Rise’

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    (1) Earlier this month, we introduced you the top American destinations ‘on the rise.’ The expression ‘on the rise’ means that something is becoming better or more popular.

    (2) This week, we take on the world.

    (3) The travel website TripAdvisor used traveler reviews to choose its top 10 World Destinations on the Rise. The list represents 10 cities that saw the biggest increase in positive traveler reviews in the past year.

    (4) 1. Tulum, Mexico. The number-one pick? Tulum, Mexico. The seaside city is on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. It is known for its beaches, warm, clear waters, and Mayan ruins. Tulum was one of the last cities built by the ancient Mayans, the pre-Columbian culture in Mesoamerica and Central America. Beyond the city’s beaches and Mayan sites, Tulum is also famous for diving and snorkeling. Adventurous travelers can explore caves and underground rivers.

    (5) 2. Cartagena, Colombia. The number-two destination on the rise also sits along the Caribbean coast. The Colombian city of Cartagena has a walled historic old town, beautiful colonial architecture, and famous beaches, like Bocagrande. Cartagena’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is a great place to try ceviche, a South American dish of marinated raw fish or seafood. But, there is more to Cartagena than the historic town and nearby beaches. Tourists can also visit a nearby mud volcano. It is a 15-meter-tall mud bath that locals believe has healing properties.

    (6) 3. Porto, Portugal. The number three world destination on the rise is also a seaside city. Porto, Portugal sits on Atlantic Coast. Its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Douro River flows by the city on its way to the sea. The Douro River Valley is known for its high-quality wine. Its most famous is port. Port wines are sweeter and higher in alcohol content than most wines. Above the Douro river is one of Porto’s most iconic sites. The Dom Luis bridge opened in 1886. A student of Gustave Eiffel — of Eiffel Tower fame — designed the bridge. The top level is for walkers; the lower level is for cars. The bridge provides beautiful views of the river and city.

    (7) 4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The number four world pick was also America’s number one Destination on the Rise. Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the country’s most-visited national park. Gatlinburg offers excellent hiking and fishing. Its 100-meter-tall Gatlinburg Space Needle provides views of the surrounding Smoky Mountains.

    (8) 5. Moscow, Russia. Moscow, Russia is number five. Russia’s capital city of 10 million is the political, historical and economic center of the country. The famous Red Square is just the beginning of the city’s architectural wonders. The buildings that surround Red Square include Lenin’s Mausoleum, the colorful Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the churches and palaces of the Kremlin. A ten-minute walk from Red Square is one of the world’s most famous theaters, the Bolshoi. Visitors can attend a Russian ballet or opera performance. The Bolshoi Ballet company has performed for hundreds of years. It was established in 1776.

    (9) 6. Brighton, England. Number six is Brighton, England. This English Channel beach town is less than an hour by train from London. The railway between London and Brighton was completed in 1841. The city soon became a popular getaway spot. Brighton joined together with the neighboring town of Hove in 1997 to form one city: Brighton and Hove. It is England’s largest seaside resort town. Visitors enjoy the water, the entertainment on Brighton Pier, and good weather.

    (10) 7. New Delhi, India. The seventh world destination on the rise is New Delhi, India. British architects designed India’s huge capital in the 1930s. It is one of 11 areas of Delhi. New Delhi represents modern India. But, it also has a lot of historic sites. New Delhi’s Red Fort was the center of India’s Mughal rule from the 1600s to the middle 1800s. Today, it houses many world-class museums. Nearby is Chandni Chowk, one of the city’s largest and oldest markets.

    (11) 8. Banff, Canada. Number eight is Banff, Canada. Banff is surrounded by the towering Canadian Rocky Mountains. The resort town sits within Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park. Skiers come in the winter to take on the steep slopes of the Rockies. The town is south of the picturesque, mirror-like Lake Louise, a Banff National Park icon. The area is home to wildlife like grizzly bears and elk.

    (12) 9. Lima, Peru. Ninth on the list is Lima, Peru. The Peruvian capital is a mix of energy and history. Visitors can explore ancient Incan ruins, study Spanish colonial architecture, or experience Lima’s nightlife. The Pacific Ocean is nearby, as are beachside restaurants and hotels. Although it is a coastal city, Lima is actually the world’s second driest capital city, after Cairo, Egypt.

    (13) 10. Iguazu Falls, Brazil. The tenth and final world destination on the rise is Brazil’s Iguazu Falls. Iguazu Falls sits along the border of Brazil and Argentina. The park area is the country’s second-most visited destination. The park’s most famous waterfall, Devil’s Throat, is actually 14 waterfalls that come together. Along with huge waterfalls, the park is home to many different animals, including howler monkeys, butterflies, endangered jaguars and big anteaters.


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