One Minute of Exercise May Be All You Need
★★☆Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure
★★☆Want to Lose Weight? Listen to Yourself Eat
★★☆New Drones Could Improve Weather Predictions
★★☆Mummies Contain Clues to Colon Cancer
★★☆Blood Cancer Therapy Is Last Chance for Some
★★☆Smart Bandages to Heal Wounds More Quickly
★★☆Copper Metal Kills Viruses on Contact
★★☆Roman Toilets Offered No Clear Health Benefits
★★☆Is There a Ninth Planet in Our Solar System?
★★☆Netflix Expands to 190 Countries
★★☆Mucus: Your Friend Against Bacteria
★★☆Think You Know How Dogs Drink Water?
★★☆Plant Your Mobile Charger in the Dirt
★★☆Study: Humans Sleep Less, Better Than Other Animals
★★☆Google Brings High-Speed Internet to Uganda’s Capital
★★☆Banana Protein May Be Virus Killer
★★☆Driver Lets Go of Wheel in New Truck
★★☆The Ups and Downs of Coffee and Caffeine
★★☆Low Levels of Vitamin D Might Hurt Your Brain
★★☆Saving the Honeybees, One Hive at a Time
★★☆Magical Invisibility Cloak Soon to Be Real
★★☆China Debates Egg-Freezing Ban for Single Women
★★☆Days of Painful Tooth Repair May Be Over
★★☆Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?
★★☆Millions with Mental Illness Get Little or No Treatment
★★☆US Company Developing Space-Based Plane Tracking
★★☆Futuristic Transport System Moves Closer to Reality
★★☆Economic Growth in Asia Threatens Environment
★★☆Scientists Aim to Freeze DNA Before Creatures Die Off
★★☆Using Head in Soccer May Be Dangerous for Children
★★☆Let’s Go on a Space Trip!
★★☆Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy
★★☆US Spacecraft Flies by Pluto After Nine-Year Trip
★★☆Personal Flying Vehicles Close to Reality
★★☆Are Baboons Democratic?
★★☆Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii after Crossing the Pacific
★★☆Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes
★★☆Scientists Developing Technology to Recreate Crime Scenes
★★☆Damaged Robots Learn to Make Changes to Keep Working
★★☆Seventh Person Dies of MERS in South Korea
★★☆Conference Urges Protection of Wetlands
For a Longer Life, Go Running
Surgical Glue Approved for Use Inside the Body
★★☆Amazon Receives Patent for Drone Delivery System
★★☆Hot Computers Could Be Used to Heat Homes
★★☆India Plans to Build 100 ‘Smart’ Cities
★★☆Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees
★★☆One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music
★★☆Your Body Posture Can Change Your Brain
★★☆Study: Use of Antibiotics in Farm Animals Expected to Grow
★★☆Is Secondhand Smoke Child Abuse?
Too Much Gaming is a Pain in the Neck
★★☆Don’t Panic!
Worms Get Ready to Fly in Space
Is Apple Watch Getting Closer to Our Hearts?
‘White Spaces’ Gives Ghanaians Less Costly Internet
★★☆A New Camera Records Invisible Motion
★★☆Old Machines Make Modern Products
★★☆Is Your Plan Sustainable?
★★☆Taiwan Changes Entrance Exams to Promote Innovation
★★☆Is There A Better Way to Track Passenger Planes?
★★☆Mobile App Seeks to Preserve African Folktales
★★☆Study Shows Climate Change Is Affecting Bird Migration
★★☆New Camera Takes Billions of Pictures Every Second
★★☆New Artificial Skin Feels Like Real Skin
★★☆Internet-Connected Refrigerators and Stoves?
★★☆Study: Regular Exercise Can Change Our DNA
★★☆Chocolate Improves Memory and Heart Health
Low-Cost Incubator May Save More Babies
★★☆Tiny Needles Treat Eye Disease
★★☆Surgery Safaris: Looking for the Perfect Body
★★☆Filipino Fishermen Turn to Fiberglass for New Boats
★★☆Scientists Create New Maps of Ocean Floor
★☆☆You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Read This
★★☆Researchers Work on 3-D Printing of Living Tissue
★★☆How to Weather a Solar Storm
★★☆Three Scientists Win Nobel Prize for Brain Research
★★☆First Ebola Patient in US Dies
★☆☆Smartphone App Gives ‘Sight’ to the Blind
★★☆Scientists Discover Secrets of Coffee
★★☆Turning Cigarette Butts to Batteries
★★☆Rwanda Opens Biggest Solar Power Plant in East Africa
★★☆Earth’s Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Recovery
★★☆Sit Less, Live Longer
★★☆Ebola Vaccine Successful in Monkeys, Humans Next
★★☆Could Dinosaurs Have Survived?
★★☆Scientists Develop a Robot That Can Assemble Itself
★★☆TED Lesson Manu Prakash/ A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami (マヌ・プラカシュ ”紙を折るだけ―50セントでできる「折り紙顕微鏡」)”
★★☆Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in Southeast Asia
★★☆Learning to Grow Traditional Foods in Uganda
★★☆Tobacco Plant to Make Jet Fuel
★★☆Scientists Trying to Do Away With Passwords
★★☆How Does One Find a Meteorite?
★★☆Brain Imaging Improves Treatment for Depression
★★☆Astronauts Train in Underwater Laboratory
★★☆Hollywood Movies Used to Teach Science
★★☆Marijuana Helps Children with Epilepsy
★★☆Conversations Find Lost Memories
★★☆NASA: Close to Discovering Life in Outer Space
★★☆3-D Technology Saves Lives
★★☆Plastics Blamed for Harm to Sea Environment
★★☆Bill Gates: Philanthropy Needs New Ideas
★★☆Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
★★☆How Ants Survive and Choose Their Leader
★★☆WHO: Alcohol Can Kill
★★☆Electric Shocks, Not Drugs, Help A Brain Disease
★★☆Obama Joins Head Injury Debate
★★☆Robotic Suit Helps Paralyzed Man Walk
★★☆The Effects of Bullying on Health
★★☆Could This Be the Fountain of Youth for Mice and Men?
Scientists Search for New Ways to Stop Mosquitoes
★★☆E-Cigarettes Safer, But Not Risk Free
★★☆Why is the Antarctic cooling?
★☆☆Men and Women Really Do Think Differently
★★☆MERS Virus Spreads Outside Middle East
★★☆Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
★★☆International Space Station Puts on a Saturday Night Show
New York Invests Heavily in Biotech Development
When Your Possessions Control Who You Are
Farmers Use Windbreaks to Protect Crops
クリスティン・メンデルツマ 「世界はブタで回っている」/Christien Meindertsma: How pig parts make the world turn
Scientists Plan to Make 3-D Map of the Milky Way
Snow Covers Much of the United States
★★☆Working to Fight Climate Change
Millions Suffer from Epilepsy
Arab Spring Violence Damaging Mental Health in the Middle East
South Africa Teens Fight HIV
Scientists Say Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused
Cameroon Turns Against Illegal Hospitals
Extreme Cold Freezes Much of United States
ジェナ・マッカーシー「結婚の知られざる真実」/Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage
Burkina Faso Scientist Wins Award for Mosquito Research
New Sport Doping Rule Doesn’t Ban Herbal Drugs
Protecting Typhoon Survivors From Traffickers
Iran Nuclear Agreement Called a Good First Step
Alcohol Drinking Can Be Both Good and Bad For You
Are Rising Temperatures to Blame for Typhoon Haiyan?
Improving Breast Cancer Care Through Theater
Wealth May Affect How You Feel About Others
Big Cats Once Lived in L.A.
Philippines Plans for Disasters
Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others
アレックス・ラスキー: 行動科学で電気代が安くなるわけ/Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill
All About Cats – The World’s Favorite Pet
Don’t Take a Cat Nap! This Story’s the Cat’s Meow!
Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system/バーク・ベア「僕たちの食料システムが何かおかしいよ」
Music and The Human Brain
★★☆How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who Is Sick
Body Pain Often Caused by Fibromyalgia
Aggression in Children Who Drink Lots of Soda
Growing Demand for Meat, Milk and Eggs
India Sentences Accused Rapists to Death
キャメロン・ラッセル 「ルックスだけが全てじゃない。モデルの私が言うんだから信じて」/Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.
★★☆First Aid May Save Lives
Rising Temperatures Could Mean More Wildfires
エイミー・カディ 「ボディランゲージが人を作る」/Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
India Expands Solar Power
Scientists Discover New Animal
Should Whales Be Hunted or Watched?
ラムジー・ムサラム 「学びを輝かせる3つのルール」Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning
Vitamins are Important to Good Health
Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Shrinking
Mars Rover Marks First Year on Red Planet
Hot Weather Is Becoming More Common in More Places
UN Needs Billions to Help Millions
Earth is Always on the Move
Researchers Hunt for Clues about Parkinson’s Disease
The Fight to Protect Cassava Plants
Filmmaking Classes Give Disabled a Creative Outlet
2000 to 2010: A Period of “Unprecedented” Weather Extremes, Scientists Say
Herbs and Spices May Improve Your Health
Losing Weight Proves To Be Big Business
Daily Exercise Leads to Better Health
★★★TED Lesson /Alanna Shaikh: How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s (アラナ・シェイク: 私はいかにしてアルツハイマー病になる準備をしているか)
★★★TED Lesson / Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Lesson5 (ダニエル・ピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学」)
★★★TED Lesson / Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Lesson4 (ダニエル・ピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学」)
★★★TED Lesson / Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Lesson3 (ダニエル・ピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学」)
★★★TED Lesson / Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Lesson2 (ダニエル・ピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学」)
TED Lesson / Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Lesson1 (ダニエル・ピンク 「やる気に関する驚きの科学」)